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About us

Our bengal cat breeds name is „Tricolor Velvet Rosetten”. We are a small hobby breed in a city called Bohl (hungarian „Boly”), where we live together with our „wild lepards”.

Our story and journey together with our bengals started one year ago. We felt in love after the first contact with this race and their being. After a short and intense research about this race we started our search for a little bengal kitten.

Finally we found „Enzo” and have been enchanted from minute one.

After being totally sure that we would like to have descendants we contacted our breeder for getting a „little Enzo”. That was the beginning with our little girl „Enzi” (Heaven Ly Rossetes Enzi).

We have been fascinated about her wild look, her queens charisma in her eyes if you look at her.

She is very used being together with humans and with her playful being she puts a smile on our face every day. It cant be boring living together with a bengal cat. After this a world champion tomcat WCH Royal CH ILYSM, for us just „Jano” joined us. As a result his former partner, the european champion „CATS PSKOV Russia with Love” – „Lala for us” – joined our family. A little time ago this two cats already lived together and they brought some beautiful kittens into life.

We are a WCF registered breed and we pay a lot attention on health and hygiena for our cats which we support with high quality food and medical care for our pets.

We are breeding „brown” and „snow” coloured bengal kittens.

Breeding Goals

Beside of the fact that we are breeding healthy and human related kittens we are supposed to keep the race standard as good as it gets. Because of that our target is quality and not quantity. When we are choosing our breed bengals we grudged no pains just to pair qualified and healthy cats. It is very important for us to raise up our small lepards with appropriate socialisation. Living together with us in the house is excitement for the cats to get used with daily noises and to get in contact with childrens.

Our kittens will be just avaialble after 13-14 weeks. It is a pleasure for us if you like to keep them as „family members” and also for breeding.

It is very important for us that our cats can live in a „family atmosphere” and enjoy their live with farm animal welfare and housing. Our small lepards have all the required vaccinations and have been dewormed. Breeding cats is a passion for us and not just a business. You will get them already chiped, with a regular sale contract, an animal passport and family tree – ready to start into their new life!


Megszületett a ” B” almunk

Kedves bengáli rajongók megszülettek a várva várt hóbengáli kiscicáink 2017.09.18.-án, nagy örömünkre újabb 5 csodálatos kiscicával ajándékoztak meg minket a büszke szülők  Lala és Janó. A rozettás cicák mellett, lehetőségünk adódott a sheeted marbled snow változatát is megismernünk ami, a maga egyedi mintázatával igazán különlegessé teszi őket.  Pár kép a mindennapjainkból.



Bővebb információval az eladó kiscica kategória alatt szolgálunk.

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